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Litter Prevention

The City of Trotwood has taken measures to address littering through the Adopt-A-Roadway and Adopt-A-Park programs. Unfortunately, these programs address issues after littering has occurred. The City of Trotwood is now taking a more aggressive approach to involve our citizens in preventing littering in the first place.

The Effects of Littering

The most visible littering is along our roadways. The main source of this littering is from vehicles and pedestrians. It not only detracts from the beauty of Trotwood, but also has detrimental effects on our environment. We in Trotwood enjoy the use of our parks, lakes, and streams for recreation and as a reliable source of drinking water. However, over time, the chemicals contained in many sources of litter will pollute and deny of the use of our parks, lakes, and streams and negatively affect our drinking water.


Laws already exist that address the penalties through the Ohio Revised Code. They cover a wide range of littering - from littering from a motor vehicle to defiling springs or wells. The Ohio Revised Code addresses 11 areas of littering; the penalty for littering along a roadway is $500 and/or 60 days in jail.

What You Can Do

Report Littering

When you see littering from a car, contact the City of Trotwood Police Department at 937-837-7771. Please be sure to have the vehicle license plate number and the type of vehicle (i.e., Ford SUV). This will increase the ability of locating the vehicle owner so that they can be cited in court.

You can also report a litterer online through the Montgomery County Solid Waste District. Some of the things that will help them pursue this are knowing the license plate number (Ohio only), make of the vehicle, time of day, location, date, who threw the trash (driver or passenger), and what was littered. A letter is sent to the litterer reminding them to put trash where it belongs. This process takes about 2 weeks.

Schedule a Cleanup Day

Not interested in adopting a roadway or park? Talk with your church, Neighborhood Association, group, or business and schedule a cleanup day for a specific area (neighborhood, park, or stream). The City of Trotwood will supply the bags for you; simply contact Johnny McCluskey, Public Works Operations Supervisor, at 937-837-1702 or via email. You may also contact the Montgomery County Solid Waste District; they have a Community Pride Cleanup Supply Trailer to use for such purposes.

Keep Montgomery County Beautiful

More anti-littering information can be obtained through the web link -  Keep Montgomery County Beautiful published by the Montgomery County Solid Waste District.

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