Mayor’s Message

mary mcdonald council member

March 12, 2019

Greetings Family and Happy New Year!

The City of Trotwood is on the move! We believe 2019 will see some of the most exciting advancements to our city in decades. Our Main St. will see a brand new Trotwood Library started and will be underway for most of the year, with completion scheduled for the year 2020. This has been a long awaited project that your support of the Montgomery County Library levies have brought to pass.

Also, we have heard you. You want road improvement ASAP!  Well, we are excited to share with you plans to improve our roads. We will have several community forums for you to participate in as we share the plan that will take your support and include your input.

Finally, we have had many great triumphs over the past few months leading up to an exciting year that we believe will continue the pride we each share in our beloved Trotwood. Let’s continue to work together towards greater development as we look toward many more great days to come.

Blessings Family.


Mary A. McDonald, Mayor
City of Trotwood, Ohio