Income Tax

General Tax Information

Read general information on the Trotwood income tax.

Central Collection Agency

The City of Trotwood continues its efforts to collect income taxes owed to the city by some Trotwood taxpayers through the Central Collection Agency.

Income Tax Contact Information

See federal, state, and county income tax contact information.

Income Tax Ordinance

For the City's current Income Tax Ordinances, scroll to the bottom of the General Tax Information page and click on the links provided.

Tax Forms for Businesses

Businesses located in or earning income in the City of Trotwood must withhold and pay monthly taxes on employee wages and file an annual net profit return.

Tax Forms for Individuals

All residents are required to file Individual Tax Returns, even if they have no income taxable to the city.

Tax Forms for Landlords

Landlords who own rental property in the City of Trotwood must complete and submit a Landlord List Form for their tenants every January and July.

Tax Tool

Anyone can prepare their Trotwood City Income Tax Returns using the city’s new online Tax Tool.

Annual Reconciliation Form

On or before February 28th of each year, every employer must file a withholding Reconciliation of Returns.

  • Reconciliation Mailing Address

    City of Trotwood Income Tax Support Services
    4 Strader Drive
    Trotwood, Ohio 45426

Withholding Tax Packages

Monthly withholding package with reconciliation

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