Central Collection Agency

Central Collection Agency

The City of Trotwood requires mandatory filing of taxes by its residents and non-residents that have income from rental, business, or activities in Trotwood.

The City of Trotwood continues its efforts to collect income taxes owed to the city by some Trotwood taxpayers. By law, the City of Trotwood, as a city with a population under 250,000, does not have direct access to the IRS for federal taxpayer information. Therefore, the City of Trotwood will continue to use the Central Collection Agency (CCA). The CCA does have the ability to gather such data from the IRS, and it specializes in collecting municipal income taxes, serving approximately 50 jurisdictions in Ohio.

During the past several years, the City of Trotwood has used CCA to identify Trotwood taxpayers who have never filed with the city for the years 2003-2008 and has also been used to identify delinquent taxpayers for 2007 that have accounts set up with the city. This program has been very successful.


Trotwood taxpayers identified through this program will receive a letter from CCA informing them of possible unpaid City of Trotwood income taxes from the year indicated. These letters are sent to Trotwood residents who have filed a federal return for the year in question but have neglected to file a City of Trotwood tax return for that year.

Taxpayers receiving notices must respond in writing within 30 days, complete the CCA questionnaire enclosed with the notice, and provide a copy of the federal tax return for the year in question with associated W2s and any other relevant documents. Please provide the information that is relevant to the year indicated only. The City of Trotwood tax office staff will continue to pursue other delinquent information and current year tax information that should be submitted to the City of Trotwood and is not related to the CCA delinquency.

Taxpayers found liable for unpaid and/or unfiled taxes will also be assessed filing fees, as well as penalties and interest on all unpaid taxes due. Failure to pay delinquent taxes may result in legal action and/or reporting unpaid debt to credit reporting bureaus.

Contact Information

All responses and inquiries should be directed to CCA at 877-878-8587. The City of Trotwood cannot respond to inquiries from individual taxpayers regarding the CCA program. However, all other tax questions and inquiries can be directed to the City of Trotwood's Income Tax Support Services division at 937-837-3415.

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