Parks & Recreation


P&R Program Manager

Shawn Tucker

The City of Trotwood has embarked upon an innovative partnership with the YMCA for the development and administration of all recreational activities and events for the City of Trotwood. This partnership will bring the leadership and resources needed for improved events and focused activities, especially to our youth and senior citizens. The YMCA, working closely with our 5-member Parks and Recreation Board, which includes, Teresa Wendell, Sharon Beauchamp, Steven Champion, Lynn Thomasson and Sharron Williams, as well as Council Representatives, Bettye Gales and Tyna Brown, who serve as City Council Liaisons.

Leading this initiative is Program Manager Shawn Tucker, who will coordinate the Parks and Recreation Department activities and events. Mr. Tucker has a wealth of experience and skills which are assets to the City of Trotwood-YMCA Parks and Recreation Department. In this role, he also works closely with the Trotwood Parks and Recreation Board and is assisted by City Administrator, Kelly Adams.

If you would like to volunteer for any Parks & Recreation programs or events please feel free to contact us, or stop by the 2nd Floor of the Trotwood Government Center.

Maintenance & Improvements

The maintenance and improvements to our city parks are performed by the Public Works Department. To reserve a park shelter or the Pavilion at Madison Park, contact the Public Works Department at 937/837-1702 or visit them at 2400 Olive Road, Trotwood, Ohio 45426.

Permits are required for garage sales and/or to participate in the annual Citywide Garage Sale.  Additionally, applications are required to reserve a park shelter or the Pavilion at Madison Park.  To access any of these forms, click on Permits on the left sidebar of this page.

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