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Adopt A Roadway

The city's Adopt-A-Roadway program greatly improves the appearance of roadways and public right-of-ways throughout Trotwood. It reduces the cost of litter removal, and it works because dedicated volunteers do their part to make it a success.

How It Works

Each year, groups and organizations that volunteer their time to helping clean up Trotwood's roadways truly make a difference. Their efforts also ease the load on the city's Public Works crews, which enables them to devote more time to road maintenance and special road projects. The volunteers' reward is the civic pride that comes from knowing they've made a huge difference in their community.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Adopt a 1-mile section of a roadway
  • Dedicate 2 years to the program
  • Follow city safety regulations
  • Remove litter 3 times each year

City Responsibilities

  • Assist with safety meetings
  • Pick up collected litter at specific prearranged locations
  • Post Adopt-A-Roadway signs recognizing the volunteer group at the beginning and end of their section
  • Provide safety vests and litter bags

Adopt-A-Roadway Participants

  •  Eddie Clark's Family
  • Montgomery County Sheriff's Department
  • Salem Bend Condominium Association
  • Sarah Ross State Farm Insurance
  • Solo Lady Ryderz Motorcycle Club
  • Star Touring and Riding Association
  • Trotwood Fire and Rescue
  • Trotwood Police Department
  • Trotwood-Madison Historical Society
  • Winn Family

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 937-837-1702 or via email.

Adopt-A-Roadway Application/Waiver Forms

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