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Photo of the manager of Taqueria Mixtecia at his resturant

Bringing Authentic Mexican Cuisine To Trotwood

One of its newest restaurants is bringing the taste of authentic Mexican cuisine to Trotwood. Having opened in November following major renovations to its new 2,400 square foot facility, Taqueria Mixteca is now operating out of the former California Garden site at 2190 Shiloh Springs Road, directly across from Sears.

Taqueria Mixteca specializes in such traditional Mexican street fare as quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and tortas. The ‘Mixteca' part of its name was chosen to reflect the authenticity of its food; since it's the name of the region in Southern Mexico that was originally home to the Aztecs and Mayans.

"Initially my family saw that America had a lot of the same kind of Tex-Mex restaurants," says Manager Francisco ‘Paco' Mejia. "That's why we decided to offer something completely different."

"What we serve is a lot more like the kind of true street food you'll find in Mexico."

While Paco serves as Manager, the owners of Trotwood's Taqueria Mixteca are his Mother Martha and his Brother Alejendro. In addition to dine-in they offer takeout, as well as offsite catering for large and small groups.

According to Martha, "We'll hope to have our Liquor License soon, and by this summer we'll be opening an outside patio for our friends and guests to enjoy."

This Taqueria Mixteca is actually their second restaurant in the Dayton region. For 8 years they've run a successful business at their 1609 E. 3rd Street location. And just up the street at 1908 E. 3rd is a Hispanic Grocery they also own and operate, which features an authentic bakery, meats, and dry goods.

"Consistent volume has always been the key to the success of our restaurant," says Paco. "In time we hope our catering service here will be as popular as it has long been at our E. 3rd Street location.

Paco handles the staff and runs the front of the restaurant. But for his Mother, the best part of the business is clearly being in the kitchen.

Martha says, "I'm truly happiest when I'm behind the stove."

So how did they end up coming to Trotwood? The city's Zoning Administrator Carl Daugherty and his wife first met Paco 2 years ago when their kids played together in SAY Soccer. After that Paco and Carl started looking at potential locations here, finally settling on the former California Garden site at 2190 Shiloh Springs Road.

"The City of Trotwood has been very good to us," according to Paco. "They've helped us accomplish everything we needed to. But most importantly for us, the city has truly kept its word through the whole process of getting us up and running here."

Members of the Mejia family originally moved to Chicago from the State of Jalisco, Mexico in the early 1970s. And while its first restaurants were to come later, the roots of its unique style of Mexican cooking started much earlier.

According to Paco, "I remember from childhood that my Grandmother was always, always cooking, and that what she made tasted better than anything you could find anywhere else."

Paco's Aunt was the first family member to move from Chicago to Ohio, arriving in Fairfield in 1999 and soon after opening the first Taqueria Mixteca restaurant there. Since then, in addition to Fairfield she and other family members have opened and operate three other restaurants in the Cincinnati area, in Mason, Hamilton and downtown Cincinnati.

Back here in Trotwood, Paco and Martha sincerely hope more and more people will give them a try. Already they have a growing list of satisfied customers. Just ask anyone who's eaten there.

For reservations, takeout, carryout and/or more information please call Trotwood's Taqueria Mixteca at 937-529-7535.