City Manager

city manger Quincy E. Pope, Sir

Quincy E. Pope, Sr.

City Manager
Ph: 937-854-7202

Stephanie Kellum

Deputy City Manager
Ph: 937-854-7224


Cheryl D. Wheeler

Assistant to the City Manager
Ph: 937-854-7215


Quincy E. Pope, Sr.

As appointed by the Trotwood City Council, City Manager Quincy E. Pope, Sr. is the city's Chief Executive Officer. All of the city's departments and divisions report to the City Manager, who is responsible for carrying out the policies established by City Council and managing the city's day-to-day administration and operations. This office also conducts strategic relationships with the city's regional and community partners, developers, and citizens.

Its primary duties include:

  • Controlling costs while improving the city's operational efficiency
  • Directing and supervising all city activities
  • Managing resources to provide the best possible public services
  • Monitoring revenues and expenditures to ensure sound financial condition
  • Presenting plans and reports to City Council as necessary
  • Providing administrative support to the city's operating departments

For more information, or to speak with or schedule a meeting with the City Manager, please contact Cheryl Wheeler, Assistant to the City Manager.