Code Enforcement & Inspection

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The city is asking residents and business owners to help make Trotwood a safer and cleaner place by actively observing and reporting such code enforcement and property maintenance problems such as:

  • Litter, grass, leaves, limbs, or other debris must not accumulate on any property at any time, or be dumped in any park, open field, street ditch, sewer, wooded area, or privately owned dumpster
  • Grass and weeds must be cut before reaching a height above 8 inches
  • House numbers must be mounted on the house and clearly visible from the street
  • Inoperable vehicles parked on the property or street must be removed within 72-hour period
  • All exterior wood surfaces must be treated periodically with an approved protective coating such as paint
  • All structural systems such as roof, windows and doors, electric, plumbing, HVAC and gas must be operational and meet minimum code standards for habitability.

Due to its limited staffing the city really encourages citizens to report these and other code enforcement and property maintenance violations by please calling 937-854-7222.

Code Enforcement investigates, addresses and resolves complaints involving property maintenance violations such as nuisance or abandoned properties, junk vehicles, recreational vehicles, and high grass.


This program ensures compliance with property maintenance ordinances, zoning ordinances and building code regulations. The office maintains records on all buildings and properties within Trotwood and is responsible for the identification and remediation of blighted, unkempt, hazardous, and unsafe properties.

Its duties include:

  • Conducting field inspections on vacant properties
  • Maintaining properties consistent with the Property Maintenance Ordinance
  • Identifying mowing and clean-up operations
  • Protecting neighborhood health and safety
  • Pursuing violations to gain compliance

Contact a Code Enforcement Officer by calling 937-854-7222. Due to extensive field time, when not available, please leave a message and a Code Enforcement Officer will return the call and/or investigate the complaint(s). Thank you.

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