Housing Development

For much of its history Trotwood was content to preserve and promote its hometown charm via its traditional housing stock, particularly given its close proximity to big city amenities. In the late ‘50s Trotwood enjoyed its first spike in residential construction, and growth remained fairly static until the housing construction boom of the ‘90s. Since its 1996 merger with the township and resulting access to huge tracts of land, the city has been working to bring in more upscale housing developers.

Some of Trotwood's recent housing success stories include:

  • Olde Town: Historic heart of Trotwood neighborhood where successfully renovated large homes dating from the late-1800s are available at competitive prices
  • Wolf Creek Run: Subdivision featuring land for 262 detached single-family homes with 45 new construction ready lots designed for larger homes
  • Large green land tracts: Targeted for upscale housing development

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