Police Records Requests

The Trotwood Police Department’s Records Division is staffed by four Records Clerks, 1 Full-time and 3 Part-Time.  In an effort to help ensure accountability and transparency in the conduct of public business, the Records Clerks are trained in current applicable laws and regulations regarding records management and they process police incident and collision report requests for information in compliance with current Ohio Sunshine Laws.

Some police reports may be exempt from disclosure by law and may have information redacted (blacked out) prior to public release.

Requests for police reports may take up to ten (10) days to process depending on the complexity of the request and the availability of the record(s) requested.  The public can call the Records Division at (937) 854-7200 to confirm report availability.

Crash/Accident Reports

Crash/Accident reports may be obtained online at no charge through The Ohio Department of Public Safety at the following link: http://ohtrafficdata.dps.ohio.gov/crashretrieval

Crash/Accident reports occurring on private property are not available through the Ohio Department of Public Safety. All Crash/Accident reports received from the Trotwood Police Records Division will be provided based on the Report Fee Schedule.

Police Records Request Form

Police Public Records Request Form

Report fees

  • $ .10 per page
  • $1.00 per colored page
  • $3.00 per DVD/CD
  • $1.00 Certified Record (Additional Fee)

Hours of Operation and Contact Information

Requests for public records can be handled by contacting the Records Division through several different ways:

  • In Person - Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (except City-observed holidays) at the Trotwood Police Department lobby, located at 3035 Olive Road, Trotwood, Ohio 45426
  • Phone -  (937) 854.7200 for information only
  • Email   -  policerecords@trotwood.org

For additional information regarding police report availability, please call the Records Division at (937) 854-7200 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.