Citizens On Preventative Patrol (COPP)

Established in 1987, our C.O.P.P. Volunteers assist the Trotwood Police Department in a variety of ways, with day-to day activities, and provide an invaluable service to the community through their hard work and dedication.  We are currently looking to expand our C.O.P.P. Program, and are looking for enthusiastic, qualified candidates who are ready to step up and help make Trotwood a better place!

What COPP's Do:

- Helping direct traffic and parking flow, as well as interacting with citizens at parades, National Night Out, Smoke Sizzle & Sounds, and other community events
- Directing traffic and assisting officers with tow inventories at traffic crashes
- Assisting with closing roadways at crashes and large crime scenes
- Doing preventive patrol in our local neighborhoods
- Transportation of vehicles for servicing or repair
- Some COPP's are available to be called in for emergencies, day and night
- Assisting in many other ways not requiring the services of a sworn officer


- Perform as sworn Police Officers
- Carry weapons
- Have any powers to arrest or detain
- Assist in dangerous situations

Why Volunteer with the Trotwood Police Department?

- Uniforms and training provided at no cost to you!
- Provides citizens the opportunity to build connections with their local police, improving community relationships
- COPP's have a hands on and proactive role in improving their own neighborhoods
- Increased visibility of Police Department representation for the entire community
- Valuable resume building experience for persons hoping to have a future Law Enforcement Career

Minimum Requirements:

- At Least 18 years of age
- Have no felony or misdemeanor convictions involving violence
- Complete COPP training
- Must have a valid driver’s license, with less than 6 points

How to Apply:

- Fill out an application from the Human Resources Office
- 2nd floor of the Trotwood Government Center, 3035 Olive Road, Trotwood OH, 45426
- Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
- All applicants will need to submit to a background check
- Any questions about the COPP Program, please call Sgt. McCrary at (937) 854-7218

Additional Information:

Citizens on Preventive Patrol was instituted in 1987 as a volunteer group of private citizens to assist Police Officer's of the Trotwood Police Department. Volunteers are trained in police procedures via classes taught by police personnel, C.O.P.P. volunteers, and representatives from various agencies connected with Law Enforcement.

Upon successful completion of the curriculum (comprising of 60-70 hours of training), the trainees will graduate and receive their uniforms.  C.O.P.P.’s are not sworn officers, armed, nor do they have the power to arrest or detain individuals. 

Members volunteer several hours per week for patrol. However, a C.O.P.P. is also expected to assist, when summoned- above and beyond the required volunteer hours, with emergency call-outs. Volunteers must also be prepared to assist at annual city-sponsored events. 

C.O.P.P. members provided the City of Trotwood with 430 total volunteer hours for the fiscal year 2016. In terms of cost savings, C.O.P.P. members saved the city of Trotwood around $9,827 in man-hours, because they perform functions that free up police officers to respond to citizen needs.

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