Police Patrol

Police Patrol

Trotwood's Patrol Officers are the first, last and only visible line of defense against crime, and often the only contact citizens have with police. They often are the first to arrive, leave last and are present during all law enforcement functions, including crimes, auto-accidents, and all types of disputes. Patrol Officers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
Many officers assigned to this section wear more than one hat, being specially trained for other duties such as Evidence Technicians, Bicycle Patrol, K-9 Handlers, Accident Investigators and Tactical Team members. Patrol includes Sergeants, Officers, and Citizen Volunteers.

Upon arriving at the scene these officers are responsible for:

  • Caring for the injured
  • Documenting the details and taking reports
  • Handling suspects with minimal force
  • Handling victims with compassion
  • Making arrests when appropriate
  • Settling arguments, treating everyone fairly

Citizens can contact our Patrol Unit through the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center by calling 937-837-7777 or 225-HELP(4357).

For more information on Police patrol efforts, please contact Deputy Chief Mark Ecton at 937-854-7246 or email mecton@trotwood.org.

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