Active Threat Information

Here is some pertinent information provided by the FBI on active threat response.

  • 70% of active shootings happen in a place of commerce or educational setting
  • Vast majority of incidents are over in 15 minutes or less
  • There has been a threefold increase in the number of active shootings per year since 2007
  • No current profile exists for an active shooter
  • Vast majority of shooters are lone males
  • Many shooters have no past criminal activity
  • Some shooters do not have a direct connection between their victims and the shooting location
  • Concerning behaviors involving the shooter are observed in many cases prior to the event by friends, family, associates, etc.
  • Pre-Attack indicators identified by the FBI include:
    • Development of a personal grievance
    • Contextually inappropriate and recent acquisition of multiple weapons
    • Contextually inappropriate and recent escalation in target practice and weapons training
    • Contextually inappropriate and recent interest in explosives
    • Contextually inappropriate and intense interest or fascination with previous shootings or mass attacks
    • Experience of a significant real or perceived personal loss in the weeks and/or months leading up to the attack, such as a death, breakup, divorce or loss of job

How to Report An Active Threat or Suspicious Activity

Public safety is everyone's responsibility. If you see suspicious activity or spot an emergency, please call 911. Otherwise, residents can call in reports of illegal activity by calling our 24-hour Regional Dispatch Center at 937-837-7777 or 937-225-HELP (4357).

Describe specifically what you observed, including:

  • Who or what you saw;
  • When you saw it;
  • Where it occurred; and
  • Why it's suspicious.

For more information on Homeland Security initiatives, please visit www.dhs.gov.