Learn About

  1. Adopting a Park

    Information about the Adopt-A-Park program

  2. Adopting a Roadway

    Information about adopting a roadway.

  3. Business Opportunities

    Over 450 businesses call Trotwood home, from its traditional industrial suppliers and "mom and pop" shops to its regionally known entertainment and shopping hub.

  4. Cemeteries Operated by the City

    City owned cemeteries, Cedar Hill & Ehrstine

  5. Code Enforcement

    Seek out information on code enforcement and inspection.

  6. Driveway, Sidewalk, Curb or Gutter Repairs

    public works ROW permit

  7. Emergency Management

    View information on the responsibilities and services of city departments.

  8. Fire Prevention

    Check out the city's Fire Prevention program.

  9. Garage Sales/Citywide Garage Sale

    parks and rec garage sale permits

  10. Getting An Address Assigned to My Property

    Street address application

  11. Ice Cream Vendor Permits/License Application

    police department ice cream vendor permit/license

  12. Income Tax

    Read detailed information on income tax filing and access tax forms.

  13. Changes to City Income Tax Laws

    Many changes have been implemented to City income tax laws and regulations

  14. Filing & Paying City Taxes

    Individuals and businesses can file and pay their City income taxes online

  15. Filing an Extension for my Business Income Tax

    Information about filing an extension for your Business Income Tax (City)

  16. Tax Accounts for New Businesses

    New businesses need to have a tax account established in order to file City income taxes annually. When you click on the title above, you will be directed to the appropriate page where you can download the "Business Questionnaire" to apply for an account.

  17. Filing an Extension for my Individual Income Tax

    Information for filing an extension of your Individual City Income Tax

  18. Withholding Forms for City Income Taxes

    To access the Reconciliation Form for business withholding when filing your taxes, click on the title above to be directed to the appropriate page. Then select the appropriate year (i.e., 2015 Documents, 2014 Documents or 2013 Documents) to select the Withholding Packet.

  19. Leaf Pickup Program

    Take a look at information on the city's Leaf Pickup Program.

  20. Litter Prevention

    See details on litter prevention.

  21. Neighborhood Watch Programs

    Look at details on local Neighborhood Watch groups.

  22. Operating an Alarm Company in Trotwood (Permit)

    police department alarm company operation permit

  23. Parades or Block Parties

    police department parade or street blockade permit

  24. Peddler or Solicitor Permits/Licenses

    police department peddlers and solicitors license application

  25. Recycling

    Get information on recycling in Trotwood.

  26. Reserving a Park Shelter or the Pavilion

    parks and rec permits

  27. Registering My Home's Alarm System

    police department alarm permit for residents

  28. Salvage or Junk Yark Permits/Licenses

    police department salvage, junk yard license application

  29. Storm Water

    Access tips for reducing storm water pollution.

  30. Requesting Storm Water Credits or Modifications

    storm water forms, public works

  31. Water & Sewer Tap Ins

    Public Works water/sewer tap in permits

  32. Wards in the City of Trotwood

    Use this map to determine the ward in which you live. This is helpful when registering to vote or to determine which City Council member represents your ward.