The Spring Season is Preventative Maintenance Time for the Fire Department

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CONTACT: Fire Marshal Jeffrey Hilvers (937) 854-7258 or

Trotwood has over 1,345 fire hydrants that are inspected and tested annually (during April – September). Hydrant flushing is a part of this process, and it could temporarily impact the water in your home. Water in your home may have a rusty appearance for a short period of time. This discoloration doesn’t affect the safety of the water for drinking, bathing, cooking, or other purposes. However, it could discolor laundry.

If you notice discoloration, run cold water for several minutes to clear the lines. The water should run clear in a few minutes. Toilets should also be flushed once or twice. If pressure or volume seems low at faucet locations, check your faucet screens for trapped particles.

If you see the Fire Department working on a hydrant, please drive carefully and provide the same courtesies you would any other road construction crew. If you have any questions about the fire hydrant flushing and preventative maintenance process, please call the Fire Marshal at 937-854-7258.


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