Friendly Reminder to Cut Your Grass

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Section 905.03 – NOTICE TO CUT


The City of Trotwood would cause a Notice to appear on or about March 15th of each calendar year informing the Property Owners within the City of Trotwood of the requirements contained  in Sections 905.01 and 905.02

(1) All properties within the City of Trotwood must be maintained in accordance with Section 905.01 the City of Trotwood Code of Ordinances, which prohibits grass or weed of a height of eight inches or greater.

(2) All property owners shall trim trees and shrubbery so a clear height of twelve feet (12′) between the lowest branches and the street or sidewalk is maintained.

(3) Should the owner of the property fail to comply with Sections 905.01 and 905.02, the City will cause the weeds/grass or trees/shrubbery to be cut at the owner’s expense.

(4) The City will notify the owners of the property to pay the cost of the required cutting within five (5) days.

(5) Should the owner fail to make the payment to the City within the timeframe specified, the City will place a lien on the property for the amount owed in accordance with O.R.C 731.54

(6) Contact phone number for the appropriate City Department is 937-854-7222

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