Notice to Cut Grass

Gwen Gilreath Community News

This notice is to inform Property Owners within the City of Trotwood of the requirements contained in Chapter 905.03 of the Trotwood Codified Ordinances to maintain your property in good order.  The City of Trotwood wished to notify the property owners of your requirement to maintain your property by:

  1. Keep grass, weeds and other noxious vegetation cut below 8 inches in height
  2. Trim trees that hang over sidewalks; branches/limbs should be above 12 feet
  3. Remove weeds and debris regularly from the property

Grass season starts April 1 and ends October 31 of each year. Any parcel found in violation of the ordinance will be cut by the City and subject to a fine of $300.00.

Questions of comments regarding this notice may be directed to the Code Enforcement Department at 800-748-7704 or 937-854-7222.

Keep Trotwood Beautiful!

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