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Trotwood residents, this information is from Dayton Power and Light and Montgomery County

All Trotwood customers without storm damage should have electric service.  If you are still without service, report your outage to DP&L.

If you have experienced some structural damage that is not severe, you should either have your service restored or a hazard tag from DP&L explaining that.

If you have a question about the tag or there is no tag and you are without service, contact DP&L at 937-331-3100.

Customers who have experienced severe damage and have not been restored or have had their service disconnected, should have received a notice from DP&L and/or Montgomery County telling them why their service has not been restored and what needs to happen before Montgomery County will release the service to DP&L for restoration.

These customers need to work with qualified electricians and contractors and apply for a county release to restore electric service.  Renters will need to work with their landlords to get the appropriate repairs and releases for service.

For electric and gas reconnects, DP&L and Vectren are already inspecting properties that sustained minor or no damage, and restoring service where it can be done safely. If they find damage or leaks, they will inform the owner or tenant to have the damage repaired, and to then contact Montgomery County Building Regulations for permits and inspections.

Any questions concerning permits for ensure safe utility reconnection should be directed to the Montgomery County Building Regulations Department at www.selectmcohio.com/mcohio/building or (937) 225-4622.

Permit fees for gas and electricity permits have been waived by Montgomery County.

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