Primary Election 2016

City Puts Two Issues on March 15 Primary Election Ballot

There will be two (2) issues on the upcoming Primary Election Ballot. We are encouraging all citizens to exercise your rights and express your views by voting on March 15, 2016. You can contact the Board of Elections to determine your polling location at 937-225-5656. The issues on the ballot for Trotwood citizens are Issue 2, a General Fund Operating Levy; and Issue 3, an Electric Aggregation Program. Both are explained below.

Issue 2: General Fund Operating Levy Facts

Issue 2 is a renewal levy of 5.75 mils for the operating funds for a major portion of City services – with No NEW taxes. This renewal levy supports portions of Police, Public Works, Finance, Economic Development, Administrative Services, Parks & Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Utility Billing, and Income Tax departments.

Ninety-seven percent (97%) of the Trotwood Police Department’s budget comes from the funds generated by this renewal levy. Without the renewal of this critical levy, operation of City services would be greatly impacted and services you rely on would be cut drastically.

Over the last three years, the State of Ohio has drastically cut funds to municipal governments, including Trotwood. The total amounts of these cuts are critical. This is a substantial loss in revenue for basic City services, which makes this renewal levy vital to our City services.

What will this levy provide?

  • Continuation of the same level of City services that exists today
  • The ability to keep an effective safety response force to serve our citizens
  • The funding to continue community and recreational programs
  • Services for utilities and matching funds for upgrades through grant funding
  • Continue current staffing levels with no decrease in City services

What We Do

  • Provide excellent Police services – CALEA Accreditation with Excellence two times
  • Public utilities – water, sewer and trash billing
  • Public Works services – paving of thoroughfares and City streets, leaf pickup, snow removal, pothole repairs, etc.
  • Provide community activities such as the annual Trotwood Block Party and BBQ Contest – and many other community events
  • Economic Development for new businesses, retention and expansion of existing businesses, and repopulation of vacant housing
  • Planning and Code Enforcement to keep neighborhoods stable and increase property values
  • Operation and maintenance of City-owned facilities and equipment

What will this levy cost you – the citizen?

A 5.75 mil renewal levy provides an estimated $1,322,500.00 at the current collection rate of 90% on the average.  Below is what you – the citizen – currently pay for the General Fund Operating Levy:

  • Home valued at $40,000.00, the cost is $5.87 per month – or $70.44 per year
  • Home valued at $60,000.00, the cost is $8.81 per month – or $105.66 per year
  • Home valued at $80,000.00, the cost is $11.74 per month – or $140.88 per year
  • Home valued at $100,000.00, the cost is $14.68 per month – or $176.09 per year.

Excellent City services are a must for our community to thrive and to progress into the future.

Issue 3:  Electric Aggregation Program 

Issue 3 is an electric aggregation program which will allow your locally elected officials to purchase electric generation at a discounted rate for the City of Trotwood and our residents.  This is an opportunity for you to join other area citizens to gain “buying power” on your electric rates.

What is Aggregation?

Government aggregation is an easy and effective way for a large group of consumers to save money on their energy bills.  Under government aggregation, local officials bring citizens together to gain group buying power for the purchase of competitively priced electricity from a retail generation supplier certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Facts About Electric Aggregation

  • Aggregation = More Choice:  Approval by voters provides more choice to decide what’s best for your electric needs.
  • Opt-In or Opt-Out At Any Time:  Aggregation programs simply give you more choices when it comes to your electric utility.  Participation is completely   
     voluntary and there are no contracts or added fees. 
  • No Interruption of Service:  Simple as that – whether you opt-in or opt-out, your service continues as usual – with no change. 

Voting for electric aggregation does not mean you have to participate.  If you have already chosen an alternate supplier and electric aggregation is approved by the voters, you will stay with your chosen supplier.  You will have the option to join the electric aggregation program when you decide it’s best for you – it’s YOUR choice.

In the communities which have already chosen electric aggregation, there have been substantial savings in their electrical costs.  We want the citizens of Trotwood to be able to realize those savings too!

How is my community able to choose a Certified Generation Supplier on my behalf?
Residents must vote to allow the community to contract for a certified generation supplier on their behalf.

How do residents join a Government Aggregation Program?

First, the government aggregation issue must be placed on the ballot – Issue 3 – and then passed by a majority of the voters.  If passed, all eligible residents and small businesses in the community will be enrolled and will begin receiving the discounted generation pricing under the program.  Residents do not need to do anything to join the program.  However, anyone who does NOT want to participate in the program can easily opt out by returning a form which will be mailed to eligible members of the program.

What does opt-out mean?

“Opt-Out” means that you can decide not to participate in your community’s government aggregation program.  By returning the opt-out form by the opt-out deadline (the form will be sent to you approximately 90 to 120 days after approval), you will not be enrolled as an electric generation customer with your community’s competitive generation supplier, and you will not receive the discount.  You also have the choice of opting out at a later date once you have been enrolled.  You can leave the program at any time for any reason with no cancellation fee from the supplier.

What are my energy supply choices if I decide to opt out?

You can stay with your current electrical utility which will place you with a supplier of their choice, and will continue to supply your electricity as it always has.  Or, you can shop for an alternate generation supplier on your own.

If I join the community’s Electric Aggregation Program, who will deliver my power, read my meter and respond to emergencies such as power outages?

Your local electric utility will be responsible for the delivery of power to your home or business.  Since your local electric utility still owns the wires and poles that deliver power to you, it will continue to read your meter and restore your power after an outage.  The aggregation program will have no impact on the reliability of the service you receive.

How will billing be handled?

You will receive one bill from the utility that includes your charges for distribution and maintenance service from the utility, as well as the new supplier charges for generation and/or transmission.  Depending on the supplier chosen for the program, you can remain on budget billing.