Mayor's Message

January 1, 2016

Dear Citizens:

Happy New Year!  First and foremost, I wish to express my deepest thanks to each of you for the confidence you have placed in me as Mayor of the City of Trotwood, Ohio.  Your overwhelming support and belief in my message of restoration and inclusion have reverberated throughout the City of Trotwood and beyond.  The atmosphere is charged with hope and expectancy.  This is truly a great time for each of us.

I am excited to tell you there are many great things coming together for our City.  Our staff is working feverishly on a number of projects that are clearly planned to make you proud and that will fulfill many of the desires you told me you wanted to see manifest in our community.

Our City Council and staff are designing economic development strategies that will position us for meeting the needs of our community.  We understand that, in order for our community to thrive, we need businesses, grocery stores and retail opportunities that meet your satisfaction.  We will achieve this by open communication and a real partnership that commits itself to solution-driven outcomes.  I promise you that transparency with a willingness to serve you -- our citizens -- will be our gold standard.

We are raising the bar here in the City of Trotwood and are starting with ourselves as your elected leadership.  We will challenge areas that need to be challenged, focus on solutions to longstanding problems, and strengthen areas that need support.  Together, we will make Trotwood the city we will all be proud to call home.  Our great City will be great again!

I wish you well, family.


Mary A. McDonald, Mayor
City of Trotwood, Ohio
Mary McDonald