Speed & Red Light Enforcement

On March 23, 2015, Ohio SB342 went into effect which changed the face of Photo Enforcement Cameras in Ohio.  Essentially the change in the law requires a Police Officer to be present on every approach to Photo Enforcement Camera or an officer to be present in any Photo Enforcement Mobile Speed Vehicle. Several municipalities around in Ohio have filed injunctions and other legal actions against the state.

Due to the changes in the law, effective March 23, 2015, The City of Trotwood decided to suspend it's program while the cases work through the Appellate and Supreme Court of Ohio.

In 2005, The Trotwood Police Department initiated it's Photo Enforcement program focusing on Speed and Red Light Running at high crash incident intersections.  By 2013, the program was operating 12 fixed cameras and two mobile speed vehicles.  During that period, the program saw a positive change in driver behavior resulting in a 40% decrease in accidents across the city and a notable reduction in Speed and Red Light Running.  Since the change in the law in March of 2015, there has been a reverse trend in violations at the 12 fixed locations.  It is believed that this will result in a drastic rise in motor vehicle accidents resulting in significant injuries and property damage over the next several years.
Although the new law went into place in March of this year, all violations prior to March 23, 2015 are still enforceable. This means that individuals with violations that were captured and processed prior to that date are responsible for those violations, and failure to take care of those violations will result in those being sent for collections.  Any violations that are not taken care of through collections may result in further reporting to the Credit Bureaus.

If you believe you have an outstanding Photo Enforcement violation through Trotwood and you would like to take care of it, please contact Officer Mike Richardson at 937-854-7230 email: mrichardson@trotwood.org.