Public Cemeteries

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and operating 2 public cemeteries. Among regular duties performed at both Ehrstine and Cedar Hill, Public Works handles:
  • Construction of headstone foundations
  • Opening and closing of graves
  • Sale of grave plots
  • Seasonal upkeep, including mowing and trimming
  • Seeding and restoration of graves

Cedar Hill Cemetery in Autumn

Cedar Hill in Autumn

Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cedar Hill Cemetery


Cedar Hill Cemetery - South Wolf Creek Pike Trotwood, Ohio 45426

Ehrstine Cemetery Headstone

Ehrstine Cemetery 1a

Ehrstine Cemetery

Ehrstine Cemetery 2a

Ehrstine Cemetery - Salem Bend Road Trotwood, Ohio 45426

For more information about both cemeteries, Please contact the City of Trotwood ​@ (937) 837-1702